p-adic generalized hypergeometric functions from the viewpoint of arithmetic \mathscr{D}-modules
To appear in American Journal of Mathematics.
 arXiv Preprint
Logarithmic exact crystalline Poincare lemma of higher level modulo p
J. Algebra, 451(2016), no. 1, 85-114.
 Journal Article
Monomial deformations of certain hypersurfaces and two hypergeometric functions
Int. J. Number Theory, 11(2015), no. 8, 2405-2430.
 Journal Article |  PDF |  Errata
Finiteness of crystalline cohomology of higher level
Ann. Inst. Fourier (Grenoble), 65(2015), no. 3, 975-1004.
 Journal Article (Open Access) |  Errata
An exponential sum and higher-codimensional subvarieties of projective spaces over finite field
joint work with Makoto Sano.
Hiroshima Math. J. 44(2014), no. 3, 327-340.
 Journal Article (Open Access)


F-isocrystal and syntomic regulators via hypergeometric functions
joint work with Masanori Asakura.
 arXiv Preprint