[IJNT 2015] (Monomial deformations of…)

Remark 1.3, l.3
Out function coincides not with that defined by McCarthy but with (-1)-times of it.

[AIF 2015] (Finiteness of crystalline cohomology…)

p.986, l.1
Replace (0\leq i\leq r) with (0\leq i\leq r-1).
p.987, Subsection 2.5, l.3
This line should read: “We define the sub-DGA N\mathscr{P}^{(m),\bullet}_{X/S} of \mathscr{P}^{(m),\bullet}_{X/S}​ by”.
p.987, (2.2)
Replace \bigcap_{i=0}^{r+1} with \bigcap_{i=0}^{r-1}
p.988, (2.3)
Replace \bigcap_{i=1}^{r+2} with \bigcap_{i=1}^r
p.1002, l.17
Replace “a zero morphism” with “a zero morphism at degree \geq 1“.